A concentrated dose of Black Garlic, known for its support to cardiac function. A
perfect recipe for your heart rich in Amino Acids, Antioxidants & S-Allylcysteine
which is easy for the body to digest and absorb. Vitabowl Black Garlic Capsule is
Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO & made in FSSAI & GMP certified facility.

Vitabowl Black Garlic 100% Natural with 10x Higher S-allylcysteine - 60 Veg Caps

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  • ANTIOXIDANT POWERHOUSE: Black Garlic is obtained from fresh white garlic
    (Allium Sativum) that has been fermented naturally. This does not only make it turn
    black but also enhances its bio-availability by increasing the concentration of
    vitamins, minerals, and other important bioactive compounds like antioxidants. The
    most important one is S-Allylcysteine (SAC) which is thought to be responsible for
    the many properties of Black Garlic.

    EASY TO ABSORB - Black Garlic capsules are low in fat and rich in amino acids that
    are easy for our body to digest and absorb.

    VEGAN - This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

    UNIQUE FERMENTATION PROCESS - Black Garlic is produced (from SPANISH) / by
    aging raw garlic at high temperature and in high humidity. When raw garlic is aged
    and fermented into black garlic the allicin converts into S-Allylcysteine (SAC), which is
    more stable and bio-available. Total antioxidants including polyphenol and flavonoid
    contents of Black Garlic significantly increase during the aging process.

    10X MORE S-ALLYLCYSTEINE (SAC'S) - Black garlic contains 10x more concentrated
    S-Allylcysteine content than raw garlic. The antioxidant properties of black garlic and
    SACs include a direct anti-oxidant effect on all biologically relevant free radicals as
    well as numerous indirect antioxidant mechanisms, making it truly a Complete

    of nature’s premier superfood due to its high antioxidant content, Black Garlic can
    help to Reducing High blood pressure, Improved Heart Health, Immune system
    support, Natural Antioxidant, Decreases Oxidative Stress, Maintain Normal
    Homocysteine Levels.

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