Do women need to take multivitamin?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

With the advancement in every aspect of this world, we try to enhance ourselves in each way possible, especially in terms of health conditions. To bring the best of our health and well-being, we do regular exercises, take short breaks from routine, enough sleep hours and try to be happy and positive in each way. One more way to add extra fuel in the journey of fitness is multivitamin supplements. With its assistance, you can achieve your goal more easily and quickly than expected. In this blog, we are discussing the multivitamin supplements for women and how it may help them in the longer run.

The natural source of vitamins and minerals that are crucial for our health is found in balanced and fresh diets such as organic vegetables and fruits. However, not everyone can take the necessary amount of nutrients that are required daily due to their fast-paced lives and busy schedules, and here multivitamin supplements help them to fill the gap of lacking requirements. It is essential to have enough amounts of various vitamins and minerals to support our body to perform different functions properly. Over the last decade, the number of people taking supplements to meet their nutritional requirements is increasing rapidly and it has become one of the commonest supplements in the world. Moreover, a good number of people strongly believe that multivitamin improves your overall health while decreasing the chances of terminal illnesses. Though there is no strong scientific evidence supporting these benefits, many people have experienced a positive change in their health conditions by taking a regular dosage of multivitamin for at least 90 consecutive days.

What exactly are multivitamin supplements?

It is essentially a blend of multiple vitamins, minerals and other important elements that provides alternation of the rich nutritious food to our body. Various brands and products will have their measurements of ingredients that a tablet is containing. Some of the other well-known names for multivitamin are inclusive of multiples, multis and multimineral along with varieties of forms, such as capsules, gummies, liquids and powders with a certain amount allowed as a dosage per day.

Major ingredients of multivitamin for women are inclusive of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B9, vitamin B12, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, Biotin, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, copper, chromium, molybdenum and selenium. While talking about important blends, it includes pomegranate fruit ext., bilberry fruit ext., grape seed ext., astaxanthin, soy-isoflavone, green tea leaves ext., lycopene, Actaea racemosa root ext., asparagus racemosus root ext., vitex agnus castus seed/leaves ext., licorice root ext., lutein & zeaxanthin, Cissus Quadrangularis ext., Curcuma longa, DL-methionine and L- Arginine.

With the assistance of calcium and vitamin D, you can make your bones stronger while Folic Acid decreases the birth defects. Furthermore, vitamin B increases energy levels and sharpens the neurological functions, Magnesium relaxes the body, whereas antioxidants play a key role in preventing many types of cancer. Additionally, Zinc and Vitamin C improve the immunity system. The lack of insufficient vitamins and minerals may lead to symptoms like depression, insomnia, lethargicness, body pain, less amount of energy and many more. The ideal supplements should be allergen-free, bio-available, tasted by authorized centers, and a minimum amount of fillers and additives.

Some of the major advantages of taking multivitamin supplements on regular basis include:-

The higher level of stamina and energy

Insufficiency of appropriate vitamins and minerals makes it harder to perform even routine tasks. Being a woman, we have to manage multiple tasks in a single day which demands a higher level of stamina and energy throughout a day. Taking supplements daily supports you by offering enough strength to conduct all your tasks with enthusiasm.

Sharpen cognitive and mental functions

Other than physical energy, multivitamin supplement sharpens the neurological and cognitive functions along with positive effects on mood swings. Higher focus and alertness and mood stabilizer are two major mental benefits of taking it for a longer-term. Furthermore, it also helps you in relaxing your anxiety and stress resulting in better execution of your suppressed and unveiled energy. Additionally, it supports your long term as well as short term memory.

Supports pregnant women

Folic acid in multivitamin prevents neural tube defects in babies if a lady takes supplements before and during the period of pregnancy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests consuming 400mcg of Folic Acid daily to the women of productive age. Not only Folic acid but iron consisting in multivitamin also supports women of child-bearing potential.

Healthy ageing

Multivitamin not only boosts your health level during young age but develops better health for older age. With the maximum potential of vitamins and minerals in supplements, you can match the daily requirements without any harmful effects of processed foods full of sugar and preservatives. Moreover, over half of the old women suffer from the deficiency of vitamin B-12, calcium and Vitamin D. To overcome this insufficiency, they must start taking a regular dose of a multivitamin. It is very important to have healthy older days to enjoy it in a true sense, which you can leverage by taking multivitamin on a regular basis.

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