Top 5 Surprising things to know about women’s health

Health plays an important role in our journey of life regardless of gender but misconception around women’s health is more visible than that of men’s. Such scenarios exist because healthcare was prominently occupied with the male doctors and thus women’s health was considered with their point of view; without any experience or survey being done to make conclusions about women’s health. In this blog, we have discussed surprising health concerns regarding the female population.

Women are more supposed to neglect their health with thousands of responsibilities on their shoulders to carry and manage. Starting from managing household chores to handling duties at the office. Adding more to these, their health gets fluctuation graphs with emotional and mental stress, menstrual cycles and hormonal changes. Taking all of the points into consideration, it is important for all women to give a little more attention to their health and overall well-being to survive with the better condition; enabling us to experience life in its fullest form.

Without wasting any more time, let’s check some surprising things about women’s health

A higher number of Eating Disorders

We have always perceived diseases like Eating Disorders as a Western countries thing but what is surprising here is that ED is one of the fastest emerging disorders among Indian women. However, there are fewer numbers of surveys that have been done on a larger scale on this particular matter. Most of the studies have been conducted in metro cities of India, leading to a vague picture of reality across India. According to a study done in an urban school, 26.67% of adolescent girls in India have disturbed eating attitudes and behaviours among 120 girls between age 13 to 17. An ideal body image and social shaming of having extra weight than “ideal” are the major factors leading to ED. Other reasons include peer pressure, biological and genetic factors and unpleasant experiences and trauma associated with food. What is more terrible is that many of those who are suffering from ED have less or no idea about their condition. Taking health supplements to match the standards of required nutrients is the best way to keep your body healthy while you overcome your ED. (Read more about ED in Indian women here)

Vulnerable to Anxiety

Women have a 50% higher chance of getting trapped in anxiety symptoms. The biological reason behind this is that women naturally have higher levels of progesterone, cortisol and estradiol, leading to intuitiveness regarding threats and dangers. Higher levels of these hormones lead many women to disturbed routine life, worrying about even minimal matters. Continuous higher levels of anxiety generally result in stress and depression. To break the patterns of stress and anxiety, practice light to moderate physical activities like jogging, cycling and swimming. Moreover, practice yoga and meditation regularly to relax your mind followed by the attitude of acceptance and gratitude.

Lack of nutrients

Everybody needs different amounts of vitamins and minerals as per their requirements depending on their body consumption and physical activities. The prominent reason for women needing more quantities of vitamins and minerals is because of the menstrual cycle and pregnancy conditions of the female body. Every month of bleeding and pregnancy(ies) lead to the deficiency of essentials like iron, vitamin D, calcium, iodine, manganese, zinc, sodium, selenium and potassium. Healthy diets such as green vegetables and varieties of food will match your requirements at a younger age but as you grow older, you need to take multivitamin supplements to support your health in a more efficient manner. Vitamin deficiency leads to unhealthy ageing, osteoporosis, joint pain, wrinkles, poor skin and nail health, bleeding gums, hair loss, red or white bumps on the skin and poor vision.

Lack of appropriate skincare

Skin is the most sensitive outer layer of our body and generally, women’s skin is softer and sensitive compared to that of men. Though there are many women who take care of their skin yet lack the appropriate techniques to do it. Some of the skincare practices include bathing two times a day, applying moisturiser and wearing skin-friendly clothes to avoid rashes and other skin diseases. One of the major mistakes that we make is spending too much time in the hot shower. Hot water softens the oils in your skin followed by the easy wash-off of oil, resulting in dry and itchy skin. Moreover, over-cleansing and not hydrating oily skin can worsen skin health and develop acne. During adolescence and old age, women need to be more careful about their skin products as it is a time when your body is going through a change. Using biotin supplements is a good option to keep your hair, skin and nail healthy.

Higher rate of heart diseases

If we compare the rate of heart diseases like heart attack, cardiac arrest attack, cardiovascular disease and coronary artery disease (CAD), women are at higher risk than men. Women and men, biologically, react differently to heart diseases and so a distorted picture is articulated. For example, men are more likely to experience a sudden heart attack whereas women experience it in short and frequent attacks with pain in shoulders and neck. A reason to fight heart-attacks more effectively than men can be that of different stress coping management systems in women. Men and women respond to stress in a different manner thus though women are at higher risk of heart diseases, men are more likely to die because of it.


There are many myths and misconceptions around the health of women but we need to confirm the information that we hear and read to be authentic and has a reliable source of information. Additionally, women should put enough consideration to their health; preventing diseases and keeping their health at the best stage possible.

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