How to Build Strong and Healthy Bones?

Having stronger bones are an essential part of our healthy life. Bones play an important role in our daily life yet we tend to ignore the importance of it. From waking up to going to bed at night, bones help us in performing our daily activities like walking, running, house chores and even holding your phone with the grip and using keyboards all day long without any pain in fingers. In this blog, we have discussed ways to make your bones more sustainable in various ways. Following these things will help you to achieve the strongness of your bones. So let’s get to the point directly without wasting much time.

Your calcium needs depend on your gender and age. Here is a demonstration of the standard daily requirements of calcium.

Regulations for Men

Regulations for Women

Keeping these regulations in mind, we have explored some ways that will help you to have a stronger and healthier bone structure.

Veggies and dairy products

Include a lot of veggies and dairy products in your diet to have stronger and healthier bones. Some of the most helpful vegetables for building and maintaining strong bones include green veggies like broccoli, cabbage, okra, kale, spinach and collard greens. Moreover, have fruits like pineapple, strawberries, oranges, apples, bananas and guavas full of vitamin C, making your bones more strong and healthy. Going further, dairy products like milk, yogurt, buttermilk cheese and butter in your diet will support you in getting better health of your bones. If you are vegan, there are huge chances that you are lacking the calcium that you need on a daily basis. In such scenarios, it is best to leverage all the benefits of calcium with calcium tablets containing vitamin D3 and minerals.

Other than having calcium-enriched foods in your diet, there are some other things that help us in developing and maintaining strong bones. Here is the list of factors other than nutrients that support better bones.


Believe it or not, regular exercise makes your bones stronger and durable. Even moderate physical activities like walking and cycling help you in getting healthier bones. For growing kids, exercise and playing outdoors lays a foundation for better bones. Taking good care of calcium needs during growing years supports in preventing the old age bone problems like osteoporosis. If your kid is not having enough outdoor playtime or exercise, calcium tablets for kids will support their bone health. People with osteoporosis need to have calcium tablets to slow down the further growth of osteoporosis. The older generation, sometimes, can not maintain the routine of exercise due to their body weakness; at this time calcium tablets help them in keeping their bone mass at a good level. Moreover, maintaining a healthy weight also endorses the good health of your bones.

Sun exposure

Yes, you read it right. Our body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium and the sun is a natural source of vitamin D. Spending some time daily in the early morning with soft sun rays will help your body in absorbing calcium naturally and effectively. However, if you have some skin disease that prevents you from going out in the sun, calcium tablets with vitamin D3 and minerals will be the best option for you.

Don’t Smoke

It is no surprise that smoking is harmful to our health and it leads to many terminal diseases like lung cancer, breathing issues and tuberculosis (TB). There are very few people who know that smoking also weakens our bones density and it may lead to a higher risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis. One should not smoke at all during their growing years as it worsens the condition. Taking calcium tablets with vitamin D3 and minerals will help you to recover the damage that you have caused with your smoking habits. The best calcium tablets for bones will have magnesium, zinc and vitamin D3 along with calcium.

Say no to excessive drinking

In some cultures, alcohol has a significant role to play and their followers drink alcohol frequently. Drinking alcohol in a moderate amount will not affect one’s health but drinking excessively will result in poor calcium absorption and decreased bone density. Women with chronic drinking habits are more likely to experience bone density loss and osteoporosis during and after their menopause period. Taking the best calcium tablets for women will help them to recover the damaged bone conditions.


We tend to ignore the importance of bones for good health, however, following some practices like a diet full of veggies and dairy products, exercise and sunshine will lead to better bone health. Moreover, take safety precautions to prevent falls and bone fractures. If needed, take calcium tablets to sustain your bones.

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